Hi my name is Betsy Rae! I am a college student who is passionate about the Lord, the outdoors, and using creativity to further his kingdom. Betsy Rae is a company that makes Jewelry to help free people from human sex trafficking, the worlds fastest growing criminal industry. Here at Betsy Rae, jewelry is made from all different things, new and old. Since everything is hand made, no two items are the same. Just like the victims being freed and can be shown a new way of life, that is what I strive to do with my jewelry; change something into something beautiful, that will touch lives.
— Betsy Rae

The Idea

Betsy Rae Co started mid January 2016! I have been searching for what the Lord wants me to do for the world. I felt as though life needed more. Around campus and around my friends, people have told me that they like my jewelry and other little pretty things that I have created. I have been told several times that if I sold them, they would be interested in buying them. Driving home from an apple orchard fall 2015, I heard from the Lord that I needed to pour myself into making jewelry, and anything else that floats in to help free people that are captured in human sex trafficking.


Ever since I was a little girl, I have had a heart for the sex trafficked victims. I was frightened to know what really goes on because it is dark and scary spot to go to in my mind. Meliorism is the belief that humans can, through interference, make the world a better place. I believe the Lord is asking me to help and because of Him, I now am looking at it head on and going all in to help little girls from the world’s fastest growing crime. The profits will go to a local ministry, in MN, called Venture; they help stop human sex trafficking. Feeling thrilled about this journey set before me. Pray for hearts to be touched for these people and for creativity for me that only could come from HIM. 

100% Handmade

The Jewelry is unique and hand made. The pieces are made out of new and old material. Sometimes something that is old and tattered cane be be made into something priceless. Even if you don't feel worth anything, you are priceless and loved, genuine and unique. You need to know that you are worth it, and so are the people insulated. YOU ARE LOVED.